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Growing up I was always inspired by presentation and the way people choose to present themselves to the world. I distinctly remember the sound of my moms heels on cement floors, the way my uncle smelled getting ready on a friday night, the way my aunt wore her accessories. These distinct sensations grew into a love for fashion! My start in making clothes began with a dutch tape dress in a sculpture class and within a year winning best in show at the VMFA TeenStylin competition. While attending VSU, I engulfed myself in the life of an Art and Fashion student including joining organizations that used my skills, growing an audience that later grew into a demand for my designs! The start of Haus of Klyde!

As a child I danced, a lot! My love for dance grew to an appreciation of movement. Later inspired by the work of Edgar Degas compared with my growing love for fashion I grew interest in creating work similar to his ballerina. My Mannequin series is an abstraction of constant observation through fashion shows and fashion related moments deeply stamped into my mind. Each piece is gesturally created as if catching in real time the fast paced movement of models on the runway

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