The first thing I ever made was a dutch tape dress in a sculpture class, high school 2008. I remember that moment and I remember how it felt. Later that year I held my schools first fashion show, showcasing my work using my classmates as my models. The acceptance from my peers was enough for me to feel confident in my point of view. 

During college I decided to attach my creative ability to my personality. If you knew me you knew I made clothes. I made myself a walking billboard, and there wasn't a fashion related event on campus that I didn't have my finger in. I decided to be apart of a dance organization as a costume designer to challenge myself and it taught me both mass production and design for function. I grew a love for pieces that were cool, functional, and completely versatile.


After graduation I hit the ground running, I needed my work to be seen! Growing up in Richmond, Virginia I knew that my city had to know my name before I decided to move on to the New York Fashion Week. The journey rolled from Richmond's Fashion Week, to New York Fashion Week later that year. I became a staple in my own city headlining my Richmond's Fashion Week the following year, and packing my things to start an adventure on the West Coast. There Los Angeles Fashion Week....and back home to Richmond Fashion Week, and again New York Fashion Week.

Each collection is a presentation, a tangible progression of myself. Wearable and functional pieces of me uniquely designed.

Currently living in Southern California my abilities have reached a point where fashion collections are not enough.. here I will express my self to the fullest extent.