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I stood in line at Joanns for over an hour just to make an outfit for a TikTok video. Hadn’t even downloaded the app, just following the trend because at this point I’m going crazy and I’m not stuck at home.

The #Dontrushchallenge is a trendy video on a new app, TikTok where people are so anxious to go outside that they are doing transformation videos. The goal is to show yourself at home lounging and transforming into a full “LOOK” using transitions provided by the app. Using a particular song to move to. This craze has everyone doing all kinds of versions of this challenge, and of course fashion designers had their own spin.

I used a red cotton sateen to make a short-sleeve jacket and pant combo. In the video I am showing the fabric beforehand straight out of the bag, and transitioning into the full look pairing the suit with my Haus of Klyde logo dress shirt. I opted out of the song and went for my favorite artist The Weekend who had just recently released an amazing album.

This suit was a complete accident. The goal was to make a dress shirt and a pair of elastic waistband pants. I used the jacket pattern instead of the dress shirt pattern, and there was no elastic for my pants. I was all over the place, and what was a one day project turned into 2 days.. Insert heavy eye roll. I had to pull out all the stops to ensure this was a badass look.

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