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Quarantine Fashion Show

At the beginning of this pandemic the idea of face masks being a trend was a complete joke to me, and honestly still is one month into quarantine. Although my life was in complete turmoil before all of this I somehow managed to secure a decent job that pulled through all of this, allowing me to still work and create.

Let me tell y’all something, Klyde in quarantine.. No sweety, I would’ve lost it.

Before all of this I was working on a lot! Sample Sundays on my Instagram (@klydedaglyde) was a way for me to show people what I was working on weekly. My previous job as an embroiderer allowed me to create while on the clock and gave me convenience to a great fabric store. I traded that for a 15 minute walk to great energy, great people, and great benefits.

This year I wanted to scrap everything and start over. I wanted to have a fresh palette and wanted to wait a year before releasing a collection in 2021. However the hype of the pandemic gave me the opportunity to arrange a collection, a fashion show even. It was a joke at first and then my roommate was free to assist.. It was a go.

Majority of these pieces are not for sale but were only meant for me. I even stayed on trend by making face masks. I decided to do a full video of me wearing, and walking in my pieces, styled by me too, it was fun.

This collection had It all!!

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