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Too Dye For

I’ve always loved dying fabric, my first time selling my clothes I sold Tye dye shirts, shorts, and jackets. My love for manipulating the color of fabric comes from the same love I have for painting, but with less control. With these pieces I wanted to show my process of dying fabric and creating unique one of a kind pieces.

I started with a light blue and white striped lightweight shirting fabric. This fabric is perfect for a summer shirt, although I despise light weight fabric the exploration was very necessary. My goal was to create a pattern that was perpendicular to the original stripe pattern, using folds and rubber bands. Using Fucshia the outcome wasn’t exactly what I anticipated, however I was still excited to work with this new textile.

The monster was 10 yards of white denim that I wanted to dye several colors of blue to create this classic ocean like look. I started by breaking the fabric up into 3 separate sections and dying them separately. Each piece of fabric was folded and treated differently to get different dye effects, first Denim blue and second Indigo blue. I wanted to put these pieces together first before I dye it one more tile Royal blue, to bring it all together with it being sewn together already. In this blog I have documented with images the different sections.

I used the same men's dress shirt pattern to create the Mandarin collar dress shirt, Vest, and Kimono style jacket with just slight alterations.

I completed 5 looks from these fabrics with only scraps left at this point. I decided to shoot my favorite 3 and you will see the rest later. Stay Tuned for the last round of Too Dye For.

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