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10 Yards of WhiteDenim

4 Yards of Beige Cotton Sateen

1 BodyCon Dress

1 Turtleneck

1 Denim Jacket

The Unboxing video shows my excitement because I've been waiting on these packages for a while and am still waiting on a few more.

During this pandemic I’ve been so eager to rebrand myself. I wanted to combine my handmade and manufactured pieces. I unboxed 10 yards of white denim that I plan on dying and bleaching, and blogging all about into the final piece.

I also unboxed the first step into me making my own textiles. I found a website that will take your design and put it on basic pieces, and home furnishings. I ordered a bodycon dress made from a soft fashion jersey fabric and a men's turtleneck made from a solange silky jersey. I will show better pictures of these pieces later!

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