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Sample Sundays!

Ok! Before I talk about what I made this week I have a backstory.

So to practice social distancing I decided I was going to order fabric online from Joann's for in store pick up. Although I heard there may be a delay I assumed a day or two no more than that.

Before I got upset I decided to ask my sewing group on Facebook to see who else is experiencing this, and boy some people had nightmare stories of canceled orders and waiting days for confirmation orders. NOPE NOPE NOPE! I strapped on my Haus of Klyde mask and decided to get my order myself, thank god the line was short. Not only was I able to pick up my exact order I was able to pay the same price, I spoke to an associate that assured me that yes.. There is a 2 week delay..! AND that orders waiting for 2 weeks and being canceled because they might not have the fabric!. A NIGHTMARE WAITING TO HAPPEN!

I purchased a leopard/cheetah denim that I assumed would be heavy enough for a jacket but I settled for an open face dress shirt with some extra flare in the back. Sometimes I wear my dress shirts layered and I thought this would be a cool transitional piece.

For an easy day, I wore one of my artistic t-shirts combined with some cargo cropped pants of mine, and white Dr. Martens and non matching socks. I would wear this on a day out with some friends, definitely something I would wear to an art walk to promote my art and brand!

The second look is this vintage sheer shirt that is almost coming apart with my bull denim wide legged pants. I would wear this out with friends and the weather wouldn’t matter with this look. I would also wear this to a fashion event sitting front row of a show or a gallery show.

My Imovie was not downloading to my phone and I remembered that TikTok can combine my videos and give me cool effects!

I also purchased several yards of striped shirting that I decided to dye violet. At some point I plan on showing you my dye process but for now, just the aftermath. I am obsessed with the hard lines of the dyed and I plan on making a mandarin collar dress shirt from one half, and maybe a t shirt dress from the other half. We will see next week!

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